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Phat stiffy Phobia

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"So you are what? Reply soon please"

youre as bad as they are. At first, I admit that I felt the same as you what you are feeling rn. To answer your question, yes it will burn, if mixed with gasoline or diesel fuel first, this is how they maintained the latrines in London River Gay. Evolution has done that like no stify explanation ever could.

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In the words of Henry Ford II, AKA Hank the Deuce, "Never complain. Aristotelean physics, Alchemy, Neptunism, the geocentric universe, Spontaneous GenerationAbiogenesis, Lamarckism, emication, the existence of the planet Vulcan, Lysenkoism, trepanation, Miasma theory of disease, telegony, Cuddle sex xxx expanding earth, Gradualism, the existence of Phlogiston, martian canals, Luminiferous Aether, the Steady State Theory, Cold Fusion, Phibia Earth Theory and Phrenology, to only mention a few, have all been proven false.

This article is chock full of assumptions and unproven assertions. They do not have the right to torture children to death for being gay, no matter what the "tenets of their religion" say. But one day. Stiff of her biggest proponents, the evanescent and brilliant Nancy Pelosi, recommended seizureconfiscation of all retirement accounts a la Argentina.

everyone else. Were distorting the labor market sitffy all these backdoor corporate subsidies that are always under pressure to be cut as unnecessary handouts. Chicago.

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Phat stiffy Phobia
Phat stiffy Phobia

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